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The Mercy Tree: ex-vow imagination

A Creative Dynamic Cultural Association project by Imelda Bassanello

… the aim is to bring back to the public’s attention the popular, religious and artistic language of the ex-vow, with a connection to the Sanctuary of our Lady of Mercy.
The worship of the Our Lady has been accompanied, since its origin, with the ex-vow offer, genuine expression of faith coupled with a page particularly suggestive and expressive of the popular art, which unfortunately has come to an end.
There is a collection of ex-vows at the Treasure Museum of Santuario and the plan to relight the curiosity towards this spontaneous painting form, bound to the suggestion of the miracle, started after having read that evidence.
The Creative Dynamic Association, together with the laboratory-school at Santuario, conducted and supervised by the artist Imelda Bassanello, has conceived an installation shaped like a tree, which will gather the imaginary ex-vows made by the students of the painting on wood courses.
P.S. In the end the whole structure was donated to the Old People’s Home of Santuario and it was fixed to a wall inside the building.

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