Imelda’s critique by Ferdinando Molteni england italie

Imelda Bassanello

" Imelda Bassanello has been watching me for years. I met her while travelling around Italy (in the city centre of Lucca, just to mention a city), and in the streets, especially the most secluded ones, in Savona. And obviously in Santuario.
Her gallery of characters seem to be coming out of a fairytale world, but tell us about life, the real one. They suddenly emerge from main doors and signs, from squares and streets. They keep company, they give warmth and they make you think.
Imelda Bassanello’s world is made of poetry, of bursting creativity, of merest art, because it’s has nothing to do with fashion, gangs, with the “system” that gobbles down talents, wears out energies and mortifies souls.
I like Imelda Bassanello because, after having carried her painting to the maximum levels of technical skilfulness, she has decided to put down (so to speak) her brushes and started to make sculptures. Which afterwards are the tri-dimensional render of her characters, of her world that now lends itself to different points of observation.
A sculpture by Imelda Bassanello is a painting around which you can walk. They are the same characters that have been watching me for years from main doors and signs and from pictures hanging on the walls. Now those characters are even more closer.
They have taken a step towards me. Towards us."

Ferdinando Molteni